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Hi Everybody!

The operating system is 10.4.11.

And yeah, I didn't give a whole lot of info, this kind of thing isn't really up my alley. I just open 'em and use 'em. These particular two are several years old but I wouldn't know how to figure out what model they are (other than they're not "Pro", just "MacBook").

I tried taking the screws out but the tiniest screw driver I have (from an eyeglasses kit) won't work. And I can't find a proper cable to connect it to the TV (I was hoping it would act as an external monitor).

I may end up just letting it go as is. There shouldn't be too much on it, and probably nothing sensitive. Especially with it being so many years old, and it belonged to my kid so that should mean even more so that there's not really anything important on it.

Thank you very much to all of you for your help!

Have a terrific afternoon/evening!
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