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Originally Posted by pigoo3 View Post
The bottom line order to do a complete erase of the HD...the computer either needs to be:

- booted from an OS install DVD if the HD to be erased has 10.6 or earlier on it
- booted from the recovery partition if the HD to be erased has 10.7 or newer installed on it.

And definitely does matter that the two MacBooks are the exact same model (or VERY close in age)...since if the "good" MacBook is older & the "bad" MacBook (with the HD to be erased) is much newer...then the HD from the bad/newer MacBook could (in theory)...have OS 10.8 installed on it.

If this were the case...then the older/good MacBook would not be able to boot from an HD with 10.8 on it...since a lot of older MacBooks cannot run OS 10.8.

- Nick
Ok, got me there, I was not considering that. If the hardware can handle the OS, it would boot.
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