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Very good chance that it is the logicboard also known as the motherboard. The mid 2007 to early 2008 models had problems with the video card. Mine experienced this issue several times and luckily was covered under apple's extended service coverage because of this defect. This is a problem because of nVidia manufacturing and apple decided to cover this to help their customers. It was also not limited to apple products. This extended service coverage has expired, your choices are to take it to apple and have them send it out to depot for repair, this is around $320 (at least the last time I had one sent out), or to invest in a new computer. I personally would invest in a new computer because nothing has changed with this model video card, so it will happen again, you just don't know when. You can also take it to the apple store and they have a test they run that will tell them if it is affected by this defect.
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