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Originally Posted by pigoo3 View Post
This is a very good idea...especially since the OP mentioned that both of the MacBook's they have are exactly the same (no OS version issues).

The two things we don't know are:

1. What OS version is on the HD that needs to be erased (if it has a recovery partition or not to boot into)...then erase the main partition.

2. If the HD has 10.6 or earlier on it...and if so...then the OP will need an OS DVD to boot order to erase the HD.

Again...a very good idea.

- Nick
Right, but really it does not matter if they have the same OS or even if they are the same laptop, Mac OS on one system is the same as Mac OS on the next system, might just have to update if moving from an older system to a newer one so it can get drivers. Unlike windows which 99% of the time it will not boot if moved to a new system.

We could easily assume it has 10.6 on it though, with no firewire, it is the 2009 or 2010 model which only came preinstalled with 10.6. It could also be a 2008 aluminum, with 10.5, but does not sound like it, I believe they also include a free update to 10.6. I also hope it is not, I forgot about them, I have never had to open one of them yet, don't know how with out looking, but do know it is a cross between the two directions I gave.
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