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Originally Posted by chas_m View Post
Another alternative: get a hybrid HD. This will perform exactly as you are asking for, giving you almost the full speed of an SSD with the storage capacity and price of an HDD. I am looking at one on Amazon (a Seagate) that is a 1TB 2.5" with 8GB of NAND for $120. Put a portable case on that and I think you're in business.
Good idea, but those would only help internal. The limiting factor is the interface. USB and firewire can only transfer at a limited speed. Thunderbolt helps because the limit is higher then the limit on the drive.

However it is possible depending on the software. Adobe product support this, however unless you changed this setting, then it is already configured to do this. Adobe products by default use your RAM then if it runs out moves to a file on your primary hard drive. Just for kicks try this, hold Shift, Option, Command and launch Photoshop (While holding the keys) once it starts it should come up with message asking if you want to delete the settings file, press yes, this will erase all the temp files photoshop has created but has not deleted for some reason, it might free up a little space and help a little bit.
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