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I have a lot of experience removing laptop keys, it can be difficult and you will probably break at least 1. I worked for a repair shop, I fixed the laptops I would replace keys that were worn out very often, never had any trouble doing this, but I popped one key up on my personal laptop and cracked in in half. For this I recommend replacing the keyboard, it is also not super easy to remove and clean each key one at a time, you could spend several hours doing this.

As far a your warranty goes, it should be voided because of the vomit, however if they have no proof it happened, so they would never know. Don't walk in there and flat out tell them it was vomited on, they do make hidden notes in the corporate machine report database. It is the same for tearing the laptop apart, they expect some tampering, the hard drive and ram are user replaceable.

In 2011 apple did not use void stickers in the computers, the only way they could tell you were inside the laptop was if you made it obvious you were. Inside the laptop there is tape and thin plastic over things, only remove what you must and if you tear the tape leave it off, the plastic should be replaced if it is torn, but I believe the plastic is only on the under side of the keyboard in this model.

Also, check around for other prices to replace, powerbook medic is good as well. Also, some of this companies have an ebay account a sell a little cheaper on there, they just don't tell anyone. Hope this is helpful
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