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In a series of unfortunate events, my early 2011 13" MacBook Pro got some vomit "splash back" on it. Although it had dried by the time I found it, it appears that only a few isolated areas on the keyboard got some drips. I quickly and easily wiped off the keyboard with tissues and water, and for three days, the computer has been working flawlessly. This morning I noticed that it still smells a little, so I began to google the best way to clean under the keys. There I learned about the corrosion problem that often results from spills on laptops. I read that although the computer my function fine for months after a spill, it will eventually die due to corrosion. With that being said, is corrosion really something to worry about given the relatively small amount of vomit that got on it. I still have 2 years left on my AppleCare, so I would prefer to not void the warranty. Is it worth me individually prying up each key and cleaning the contacts for each? Should I go to ifixit and completely open it up? I am pretty computer-savy and have opened up many windows computers. However, I am sure apple will be able to tell I was in there, and I could very easily screw something else up. I know there is no easy answer here, but I would appreciate any. Advice. Thanks.
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