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Originally Posted by chas_m View Post
I disagree with your premise very strongly, but I'll wait till you see how many improvements they put into iMovie 11 and let you decide for yourself. You'll see!

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I'm sure that you are right as to the improvements in iMovie 11 and I'll be forced to buy it when I buy a new video camera, but I wish I had a "real" option whether to upgrade to newer applications, or not. I just wish Apple would support older applications for those who prefer them. Frankly, I would pay a fee to have iMovie 5.0 HD compatible with the latest versions of OS 10 and newer cameras. (Actually I have found a work around to use iMovie 5.0 HD, but it will not recognize newer cameras. I can upload to iMovie 7 and then input to iMovie 5.0 HD if I want to go through all the problem, but it is a hassle!)

I created a movie with iMovie 7.0 recently and found it unnecessarily complicated for simple editing tasks. My point is why not make a simple app like iMovie 5.0 HD for those that want super simple and then let people pay extra for the heavy duty applications. Choice is what I'm asking for rather than being forced into constant upgrades.

I still type my letters with old AppleWorks because it doesn't fight me with all constant automatic help I don't want which I have to find and turn off in the preferences. I realize Word is great for secretaries, but it is way too automatic for my needs! ,,,, and yes I know Apple doesn't make Word.... just and example of complicated programs as opposed to simple ones! Apple's strength was that it made things so simple and intuitive and I think they are losing their way and forgetting why many of us left PC's and bought an Apple so man years ago!


I have to leave now because my new cars are sending me dozens of "idiot light' messages about tire pressure and oil changes that are very often even wrong! I remember when I could change my oil without telling my car's damn computer. My Toyotas are scheduled by Toyota for 10K synthetic oil changes, but the computer tells me to change at regular oil intervals because it's working on old info! Sometimes more complication is just more complication and not really that helpful unless you are an idiot!

Boy, do I sound old! LOL! I am!

Have a nice day and thanx for reading my gringing! (British for griping!)
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