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Hi. Basically, I'm trying to move all of my music onto one external HD.

Details: I'm on an '09 macbook pro, with the newest OS (lion?) and the newest version of itunes. Originally, I was just putting music on my computer as most people do. Eventually, I bought an external hard drive for school and started putting additional music on it as well. However, the external started having some connection issues so I've recently bought a new one....

So now, I would love to move all the music (both from the computer itself and from the dying external) onto the new external in such a way that itunes will recognize it.

As of right now, i've physically copied and pasted all of the music files from both the computer and old external onto the new external, which I now know is different from what apple recommends. However, if I go back and do what apple says to do (moving the itunes folder and "consolidating" the library files), I get this lovely error message about 5 min. into the copying saying that the location is a file, not a folder? (idk)

Please help?!?! This is a major headache and I just wanna listen to some music
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