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My initial thought was Bill Gates... yes, I KNOW... But I mean, as much as we may not like him or his company's products, you've gotta admit he was innovative. The guy started out with about $200 to his name, working in a garage and now 95% of the computers IN EXISTENCE use his technology. If that isn't living up to the American Dream, I have no idea what is...

Jobs did pretty much the same thing though, so you could argue similarly for him, despite a much lower market share (as Apple users we know market share ain't everything!) Most of the other people- although I don't know all of them- were good at making use of the technology once it was there (like the google guys.)

So my vote is for Bill and Steve- together they created this awesomely computerized, "us vs. them" competitive world, without which we wouldn't have the conveniences many of us now take for granted. Thanks for the technology guys!

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