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Thanks for the replies and suggestions, I decided to retro install Snow Leopard and, being the first time I had ever attempted anything like this, was chuffed with the way it went. Shame I wasn't expecting The Hard Drive to be partitioned or I could have altered that at the time too, but no problem, can sort at another time.
I ordered Snow Leopard from Apple Store (only 18 inc delivery and vat) and received the disc a day earlier than quoted . I checked out with a knowledgeable pal, with a chocolate bribe, what I was intending to do. He ok'ed the plan but suggested I might have to install Leopard first if the Snow Leopard disc turned out to be just an add on upgrade. I already had a full install Leopard disc but it wasn't needed as the SL 10.6 disk did the whole install.
I was lucky to find a brilliant link supplied by searchframe in Apple Support Communities that took me to a very comprehensive step-by-step article page in PC Magazine on how to do it.
The Macbook Pro (c. 2009), although looking on the outside like it has been used to fend off cannonballs and buckshot, is now running terrific on OS X 10.6.3 and my Adobe CS3, and the Phase One Capture One v6.1.1 is responding perfectly to the Mk 1 Canon 5D as well as the Mk2.

My sincere thanks to all involved.
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