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Alright guys, I have a few updates on the issue. I went back to the Apple store and left them my MBP to run different tests and see what the problem is. They called me back, saying the ran different tests for 2 days straight and everything was fine except there was a bit of dust in the machine; they didn't think there was a problem other than that.

So I came home, turned it on and after 20 minutes the screen went black. Rebooted it, another 20 minutes and the screen went funky again. It's been 3-4 times now since i brought it back home. Not sure what to do at that point.

I've uploaded a video of what it did a few minutes ago. The 1st part shows when the screen gets ****ed up. In the second part, you can actually see the screen going weird. When it happens, the sound is still playing but I can't move the mouse of interact with the computer.

Video: Macbook Pro 2011, Screen Problem - YouTube
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