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Originally Posted by chscag View Post
Are you referring to the size of the page since you mentioned 6 x 11? A file is not measured that way.... Anyway, let me experiment a bit and I'll get back to you. Also, make sure you set your printer parameters correctly.

EDIT: I just tried it with Word 2011. Set the paper size to 6 x 11, and printed to PDF. Came out perfect twice, no bottom cut off.

Make sure when you're setting the paper size that you correctly set the margins all around including the bottom margin. Word will default to pre-set margins and needs to be checked to make sure it's correct. Once that's done, printing to PDF is routine. But again make sure your printer is setup correctly.
Yes, I'm referring to the final size of the image. The image (in Word) is sized to 6x11. I don't think I need to set my printer parameters because I'm not printing yet, right? I'm just trying to save as PDF.

The tricky thing about this process is that the original file was created in InDesign, then converted to Word with a program called Wondershare PDF Editor. It looks good in Word. It appears to be the right size, but when I save to PDF it seems to reformat it for an 8.5x11 piece of paper with huge margins. I tried to go in and change the margins. They're currently set at Top=1'', Bottom=.83", Left=1.25", Right=1". Strange. I tried to change them all to .25", but get this error message: "Settings you chose for the left and right margins,column spacing, or paragraph indents are too large for the page width in some sections." I found this page, You receive an error message when you change a document that is formatted for columns in Word, which seems to say that this is a bug in the program. But it doesn't help when I try to use their advice to get around it.

Paper size is currently set at 6.5 x 11.5 inches.

Frustrating! Thanks for your help
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