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Originally Posted by Raz0rEdge View Post
There is nothing specific in that KP log that sticks out us. All I can tell is that its a page fault trap in kernel_task.

While a page fault is perfectly OK thing, leading to a trap means that the data meant to be retrieved by the page fault is missing..

What were you doing when this KP happened? Have you changed any hardware recently? What type of Mac? How old? What version of OS X? How long was the Mac running before this happened? Does it happen again on restart if you repeat the steps from the first time it happened?
I usually happens when I am playing a game, and its not just one game it has happened on multiple games, Also it happens sometimes while I'm watching YouTube or a movie on XBMC. When I got the computer I upgraded it to 16Gb of RAM and put a 180Gb SSD in where the HDD was and took out the optical drive and put the 500Gb HDD that came with it in there. That was almost a year ago and the kernal panics have just recently started happening. It is a 2012 MacBook Pro 13'' running 10.8.4. Every time it happens its a different length of time that the computer has been on and it doesn't always happen. Also if it helps at all I don't get the blue screen of death when I am running windows on it and playing games. I have already done a clean install of osx and it is still happening.
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