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A MacBook Pro 15" with Retina display will do everything you want to do, and do it fast and beautifully! They are quite expensive, though, at $2,200 (256GB SSD, 8GB RAM), but I bought mine refurbished on Apple's online store (mid-2012 model), and got $500 off. For you, if your parents are buying it for you, and can afford it, you're set. Apple also has 0% financing if you pay it all off within a year and make payments on time (this is what I did).

I would also recommend using Boot Camp to install Windows 7 on its own partition. I had to do this on my Mac because I have old synthesizer and MIDI control programs that only run on Windoze, as well as a few old games I still like to play. To help with this (and also allow you to play Blu-Ray movies on your MacBook if you buy a model without an optical drive), I recommend the Asus SBC-06D2X-U external USB Blu-Ray player (which also works as a CD/DVD reader/writer) - it's slim, comes with a stand, and works well, and you can use it to install Win 7 using Boot Camp. Apple's external USB optical drive does NOT support Blu-Ray.

The above drive comes with a USB cable that has 2 USB connections, presumably because it needs extra power. Rather than using both USB 3 ports for this, I plug one USB connector into a USB port, and the other into a USB extension cable that is then plugged into a 120VAC-to-5VDC USB converter.

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