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Ugh. I've been SO careful with my iPod photo with it so far, and today, I drop it for the first time onto a linoleum floor. When I picked it up off the ground, I saw where the white plastic panel and the chrome panel separated an 1/18 of an inch on the top of one side, near the screen. I clicked it back together and then checked out the damage. Everything's okay, except for the click wheel. The click wheel will work, but it "lags". Meaning, I'll scroll through the menu or I adjust the volume, and it will stop for a fraction of a second before continuing, despite my finger swirling around on it the entire time. I'm really grumpy about it. I was thinking about resetting the iPod, but that probably wouldn't help at all. And then I was thinking about taking it apart and seeing if something was amiss underneath, but that would do more damage. Is there anything I can do to fix it?
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