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Originally Posted by chscag View Post
Yeah, that's going to be an expensive fix. You can give the reflow a try but others who have been successful at a reflow said that it wound up being a temporary fix. I would try to find a logic board either on eBay or maybe from someone who has a broken machine that they would let go very cheap. Of course it should have a good working logic board.
Yeah I repair a lot of motherboards, PC, Mac, Game consoles, etc. and I have my own SMD rework station but I would prefer to use just the nvidia drivers anyway and have the performance increase I dont care about battery life or energy saving in this scenario. Mine is just over 3 years so Apple wont replace it for free like they have with similar models, I may be able to complain enough to get them too but Im not that kinda guy and it wastes too much energy ill just rework it myself if I have to i the end and take it from there.
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