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Like chscag said. Everyone must realize that at the end of the day, Macs are just computers and some of them are going to fail. The failure rate is low because the quality is high. But fail some of them will. That is exactly why buying Apple Care is a great idea. By my reckoning, your early 2008 unit would be covered 100% under Apple Care if you had it. A hardware failure is no reason to condemn Apple.
I have just had a customer drop off a Macbook with the same problem. If this was a Windows machine then I could buy whatever component I needed and install it easily. Apples laptops are getting harder to repair as they get smaller and are almost a throw away machine if they have a hardware problem now. You already pay a premium price for the device, expecting people to pay for Apple Care to make sure they can get a decent life out of a device is unacceptable.
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