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I'm at my wits end to find the answer to this: I bought a Sony HDR CX-190 figuring all HD cameras were the same. Imported to iMovie, and the resulting dvd burned using Toast 11 looked ok, but not as good as viewing the card through my PS3. I was told by an Apple "expert" that iMovie does not render HD video properly. Again, iMovie did the job, just not as well as I figured it would. I was told to import using Final Cut Pro, which I did, but being a dumb guy, can't figure how to get from point A to Point D using FCP. I then joined this site, found some good info using Re-wrap, but had issues with that program, (Again, I'm a dumb guy). I have noticed that some people here know everything about everything, including the differences between different cameras. If anyone can help me out, I'd be most appreciative. Thank you in advance if anyone can help me. My cards and HD are bursting at the seams.
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