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2011 Macbook Pro Intel Core i7 2GHz. I'm running on 10.6. Last week I started having this problem. Randomly, the screen would go black and I had to reboot. But then I started having other problems; while rebooting it would get stuck at a grey or blue screen. I could reboot it in safe mode and had no problem at all, I could run normally under that mode.

I took it to the Genius bar, and the guy there told me there was no huge problems and that I only needed to Format and reinstall OSX. I did, it took a day before the screen went black again and now I have the same problems as last week. I can boot it and use it normally in Safe Mode but otherwise I can't really use it.

I've tried everything suggested on different forums: Reset PRAM/VRAM, reinstalling the OS, repairing permissions, repairing disk. I suspect it might be a problem with the graphic card maybe? But why would it work in safe mode? You help would be greatly appreciated.
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