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my powerbook g4 17" 1.5 ghz needed servicing. the HD went dead. so i take it to a local apple service provider and boom! they tell me my powerbook is out of warranty.

so i scratch my head and say "well the receipt i have here clearly states that it was purchased on october 1, 2004" and makes my powerbook still warranty.

then they tell me to contact apple to straighten out the situation. so i call apple, they tell me to fax them the receipt. so i do that. i call back the next day, they have no record of the fax. so i fax it again, they have it. they will "escalate" the incident so it should be updated by today, monday.

i call again, today, they tell me it's still not updated and will take 6 to 9 business days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

all they need to do is look at the fax and SEE that the powerbook was purchased on october 1, 2004 and change the purchase date in their system. meanwhile, my powerbook sits at the local repair center waiting for the "ok" from apple. UGH!!!!

i am a graphic designer and i need my powerbook!

while these tools from apple drag their sweet feet on my powerbook, i am missing deadlines and such. and on top of all this, i lost several important files from this fiasco.

UGH! thanks for letting me vent. has anyone had similar date of purchase issues with apple?
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