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That's weird. I have been using Safari ever since the latest update and it has been working great. I experienced a lot of lag with several applications, including Safari and Chrome, when I was on 10.8.2, but after I updated to 10.8.3 and then 10.8.4 things became smooth.

I just checked Activity Monitor and I posted the screenshot below.

I am not very tech-savy but I feel like 1.21GB memory consumption is a lot, especially considering I only have about four tabs open, two of which are Facebook and the other two forums (including this one).

What do you guys think? I have actually never used Safari as my default browser before, it's always been Chrome, but ever since the last update, as I mentioned earlier, I have been using it constantly and I like it. If it is going to be leaking memory, though, then I'd rather stay away from it, especially since I only have 4GB of RAM.

EDIT: Wow. I just tried Chrome with the very same tabs open and what a difference! I am glad I came across this thread.
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