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Originally Posted by vincentmilone View Post
Thanks guys. So this is what I would need to correct... ? OWC OWCSSDMX6G240T 240GB Mercury EXTREME Pro 6G SSD... in stock at OWC .

Is there a speed difference between 120 and 240? I'd assume it's simply capacity. I'm trying to think if I could pull off 120GB, if I back up my pictures onto the external drives. I don't do much else, no apps really, just microsoft office and photoshop. Oh that reminds me, how will I transfer microsoft office/photoshop? I'd hate to have to purchase them again.

Since I got the laptop in 2011, I currently have used 75GB.

Whenever I create a short movie in iMovie, it takes a very long time to transfer files and load everything...I'm hoping a ram upgrade and SSD would speed things up.

I don't see a 256gb option. Anyway...wish there was a cheaper place to find one. Oh well...Any thoughts on a definite source for a battery for this model?

Thanks again.
120GB is a bit tight, but manageable if you only do office and photoshop and don't stock lots of pictures on your SSD, but more on your external drive.

According to the spec on the macsales website, you won't see a difference in performance between the 120GB and the 240GB version. There can be some differences with some models (and I'm pretty sure there will be a small one here), but according to the manufacturer the performance is the same, so you won't see any difference.

To transfer your files from one drive to the other, the easiest is to use time machine and backup your data on your external hard drive before making the swap.

Also you can get a box in which you can put your current hard drive in order to use it as an external drive, very handy. Mac sales should allow you to buy such a box when buying your SSD. If not, shop around.

As you have a standard macbook pro, you are not limited to OWC drives, you can get a 2.5" SSD from a different brand somewhere else.

Good luck!
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