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Hi guys,
I posted a question a day or two ago about the ram upgrade in my mid-2010 macbook pro 17" . I went ahead and purchased the 8gb max ram. Now of course I discovered SSD!

I would be willing to upgrade to an SSD, IF and only IF I can also purchase a battery and replace it for this thing later down the line. I'm already at 82% with 431 load cycles. I'm willing to dole out the cash for the SSD, but then I may need a new battery sometime in the future. I have yet to find a definite place to purchase a good battery for this 17" macbook.

Also, I can't afford the 480gb SSD. I could afford either the 128gb or 240gb from OWC. THe thing is storage.. I'll be headed to college this fall, I'm a photo major. I'm required to have TWO 1TB external drives, so it seems that everything is going to be stored on those. Plenty of room. I'd like to go for as much as I can afford, so it looks like I'd go for 240gb.

Is there a speed difference between 128gb and 240gb, or just capacity for file difference? Sorry for the stupid question.

Mid 2010, this thing is already pushing 4 years old. Is it unheard of to spend more money, and upgrade these things to make them last longer? Or should I not bother, leave it be, and upgrade to a new computer? THe thing is I love this 17" macbook.And they have been discontinued. It wasn't cheap when we got it, and for a few hundred more I think I can make it a brand new laptop.

I guess I just don't want to put a lot of money into it, for something else to crap out later.

What do you guys think? How old is your macbook pro?
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