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Originally Posted by pigoo3 View Post
It was mentioned during the WWDC presentation for the new Mac Pro that it was designed to be good for 10 years. This is a pretty big statement in "computerland"...when we know how fast some systems can be outdated.

So it better have some "kick-butt" benchmark scores!!!

- Nick
Seeing that it cannot be easily upgraded as the old systems, i.e. graphics cards, ram, disk drives, etc., it better be able to stand with systems 3 years from now. Tech is moving at a rapid pace with new processors and stuff coming out. You need to be able to keep up.

I also think that you see the current trend towards apps being more internet and network related rather than being run locally on your own system. Apple probably is seeing this as the future of applications and seeing everyone having their own servers and networks in their own homes as opposed to one single device.

If the benckmarks don't stand up, then I don't see why anyone would get this when they could have an imac for less.

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