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that could very well be. One of the big draws of the mac pro, was it's internal expansion.

I've been buying expensive machines (over 4k) since my first brand new one the G4 MDD, then the G5, and I owned 2 mac pros before I cut and run and went to the macbook pros when they became super fast to the maxed out retina I have now.

Price didn't stop me on the machines I've bought, but pros, the ones I know, will go PC in heartbeat (as shocking as that may be) if they thought for a minute they had to blow tons more cash to either replace or buy expensive chassises for their expansion stuff.

They are a fickle, cantankerous bunch. Apple seems to have designed a neat thingy for the design studios perhaps, but the real balls to the wall chew on cpu cycles production guys, couldn't care less about the cylindrical design really. These are guys who might be happy to go to the peecee shop and buy a peecee case.
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