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Originally Posted by schweb View Post
Why you should backup

Clone or System Imaging

Clone or system imaging backups are point-in-time backups that are exact mirrors of your system at the moment the backup is done.

While it's not as flexible nor does it have the multiple versions like Time Machine, the one main advantage of this type of backup is that the drive is bootable. This means you could boot your Mac off this drive if your internal drive won't boot.

Many of our members use this as a secondary backup to their Time Machine. How often you choose to take this image is up to you and depends on the rest of your backup setup and risk tolerance.

There are two great pieces of software to accomplish a clone backup:
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Question: Do you know if this system imaging/clone will also backup any virtual machines installed? I have Parallels Desktop 5 installed on Mac OS X 10.6.8. Yes it's outdated, I plan to get rid of it entirely and upgrade to Mountain Lion and use iWork 09, but before I do that I want to backup and clone my current files and system just in case things go wrong *knock on wood*.

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