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Hello everyone.
I've read and read technical details about this but don't fully understand it all so i thought i'd ask on here.
I've successfully connected my AppleTV2 to my iMac through homeplugs and ethernet cables. I can now access my movies through iTunes on my TV...great.
I am now going to buy an ipad mini for the aim of being able to mirror what is on the ipad onto my tv. Now....I downloaded Mountain Lion for my mac hoping i could mirror.....however I didn't check properly that this would doesn't as my imac is mid 2008
So, my question is, with my existing setup (with wifi switched off) can i connect the ipad (wired) to my wired network and use the ipad to access my pics/movies/music off my imac? and maybe watch catchup tv through a browser on the ipad and mirror it to the tv?

I hope this makes sense (I'm typing and getting lost at the same time??!??!)
Many thanks in advance
Craig....with a headache.
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