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The situation on my end was present with both Lion and Mountain Lion.

I brought in my 17" late 2006 Intel iMac for a clean up and resolve some crashing issues. At that point, the freezing was a minor problem in comparison, so I wasn't even in for that.

My problems were not solved, but what ended up happening is that the tech traded my computer in for a 20" late 2006 Intel iMac., with the swap of computers, my problems were resolved. However, now I notice that the freezing is still here... and with a different computer, albeit basically the same model, with Mountain Lion versus Lion.

SO, what happens, and it's regular, is that when I sleep the computer, I can no longer wake it with the mouse or keyboard. And if I wake it with the power button, the cursor and keyboard is frozen.

SO, I unplug and re-plug the keyboard, and that works. So it's annoying, but that's the scoop. I tried a different keyboard and it does the same. So it's not the keyboard or my mouse.

No leads I reckon as of yet?
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