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So the only apple products i have owned are iPods and currently using the Touch 4th gen.

In short:
>I'll be backpacking Europe from 6+ months.
>I'm a huge photo geek so there will be a lot of photos being taken with my dslr
>looking to purchase a tablet (deciding on ipad mini or nexus 7) to be used for:
-keeping in touch back home
-entertaining myself while on the move
-storing all the photo's i take.
-possibly for navigation around the cities

I've done some research and found that:
>only cellular has GPS capabilities and i have been recommended an app that will allow me to navigate with positioning while offline.
>transferring photos from an SD card to the device seems very smooth and easy.

my questions i have are:
>can an unpowered external HDD be connected to the ipad mini to stream movies?
>can the same external HDD be used to store photos from the device? and is the process to do so equally as easy as transferring from the SD card?
>also as anyone traveled with an ipad mini? could you give me your thoughts on your experience with it?
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