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Ok, so i've come to an impasse in my research for a computer. I am currently a senior in high school and will be attending UMass Amherst, studying Computer Science. I have been told by several people, some professors from UMass, that I could go with a pc or a mac. However, I'm beginning to prefer the mac so I could begin Apple based app design. So it came down to the 13-inch MBP, 2.9ghz i7 and the 13-inch MBP w/ retina, 2.6ghz i5.

I like the non-retina MBP a little more than the other as it came with a regular HDD at 750gb and it has the disk drive installed and it also has an ethernet port.

Although, I can't understand the purpose of a Solid State Drive. I mean i understand they have faster load times, more efficient, don't die as quickly, and are better in general over HDDs. Yet, is it worth spending the money on a SSD? I'm trying to keep the amount of money I'm willing to spend on this laptop to minimum as I'm going to college which is enough money to begin with. Also, what are the main differences between SSD and Flash Storage?

So, basically, I would like to know which one is more worth the money? And if the non-retina is considered to be, would it be worth it to upgrade the hard drive from an HDD to the 256gb SSD (not spending $600 for the 512gb)?

Thanks for the help.
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