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Originally Posted by mig.gentry
I have just recieved some HORRIBLE news. Monica Lewinsky is to be studying Social Psychology at London school of Economics this year.

The exact same course as me!!!!

And it's a Masters course so there will only be about 30 of us so i can't even hide. Please tell me she's normal in reality.

And before you ask i am very happy with my current girlfriend
Bill was and still is happy I guess (Hilary scares me to death so that's debatable). He still got a little lovin' on the side though. Not that I condone that in any way but hey you brought it up about the girlfriend and everything, hehe. Monica was young and dumb back then like all of us are at that age and since I don't know her personally I couldn't tell you that has changed but I assume she does have some intelligence to be attending your school. Like it was said before that was ages ago, I can't believe that still comes up, no pun intended. Nobody in the media spotlight is normal but she hasn't been in it for years. Prejudging her is a lot of peoples mistake. That article is pretty disgusting to me quite frankly.
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