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Originally Posted by bobtomay View Post
All speakers use 2 wires to them - even though some of them may have both wires in the same cable.

That is a standard RCA plug.

I have never attempted to repair an RCA plug - they're too cheap - and don't believe I have ever owned speakers that had permanently attached wire coming out of them.
(Well, guess I have because I've had whatever speakers Dell sent with their computer for my wife to use as she has never been allowed to touch mine.)

There are some DIY tutorials out there though. Here are a couple of them:
How to Attach an RCA Cable to an RCA Connector |
3 Tips for RCA Connector Wiring |

I don't have a clue how you're going to tell which of the wires coming out of the speaker is the positive and negative without tearing apart the connector on a working one.
Thank you both for responding. Haven't had time to look at the links. I was hoping that I could get speaker wire with these connectors already attached to them. That way I could just splice the speakers with their too short piece of wire attached to them, to the wire connected to the connector plug. Plug in to the Aiwa and have rear sound.
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