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I have connected an Apple TV and an external speaker system to my Sony Bravia TV. I am very pleased with it but I have some rear speakers that I dont know how to connect.

The 2 external speakers that I have currently working/connected to my TV are from an old (1995 model) Aiwa shelf type stereo system. I have them connected thru the auxiliary audio/video connection on the back of the Aiwa and the audio spot on my TV and then the Audio/Video input selected on my Aiwa.

But I have some rear speakers that were used and connected to this Aiwa when it was used as a stereo system back in 1995. I want them to be connected again and use with the working 2 side speakers. I know that even tho I can put them behind me, this will not be a true surround sound but if I can get some rear sound from them, I will be happy. Problem is the speakers are missing the connectors that used to connect them to the Aiwa. There is speaker wire coming out of the speakers but they need a connector end of some type - what is showing where they used to be connected to the Aiwa is a red and white "hole" like RCA connectors go in. Now the "hole" where they connect to the Aiwa is that color but the actual connector on the end of the wire is black. I have a picture of one of the ends that was cut off for some reason. This Aiwa has been sitting in the closet for years. Anyway I have attached a pic. Keep in mind that each speaker, right and left had their positive and minus wires connected to this end. From the picture, can you tell me what this is called so I can possibly go buy speaker wire with these ends already on? This may look like an RCA connector but you cant see in the picture that this end has the 2 speaker wires coming out of it.

And then if I find them, is there a danger when connected to the Aiwa and TV, that they will blow anything out - TV or Aiwa side speakers already connected.
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