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I envy you in Switzerland - our favourite holiday place.
It seems you have been listening to the UK Politicians, and yes, that nice Mr Brown promised EVERYWHERE would get at least 2 mbps by 2013. Problem is that the way they think, "everywhere" is London and the South East. Here in the midlands, unless you are right in a big town you don't seem to count. But they are politicians looking for votes with fairy promises. Just not fair because we pay the same line rental as big cities for an almost non-existent service.
Where I am, 13 miles from the City of Nottingham, the landline delivers 0.5 mbps (yes, half a meg) on a good day, and I am not joking when I say that on very wet or very windy days even that struggles through the overhead copper wires. The excuse is always that we are "too far away from the nearest box". I would have thought that in to-day's technological age some simple piece of equipment could be fitted simply to boost the signal. Ironically, the water board have just been replacing the mains water supply to our village, but there was no joined up thinking to put fibre in the ground at the same time - different Utilities you see, but I blame the local council who gave permission for the roadworks and should have insisted.
Hence my move to wireless. I looked at Satellite but that was too expensive. I get 2 mbps which is adequate at the moment but could get 16 if I paid more.

I am happy now and shall not go back.
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