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I just got a iBook G4 1.2 GHz for $25.

It won't start, you just get the folder with the question mark.

Ran it in Target Mode and ran a Firewire cable to a Powerbook. No Hard Disk icon appears on the Powerbook desktop.

Held down Alt while starting the iBook, the screen that came up where you choose the OS didn't have the iBook hard drive icon.

It will start up from the Tiger instal disk and from there I've run Disk Utility and there's no hard drive icon.

Opened iBook and hard drive wasn't plugged in pc board Swapped a known-to-be-good hard drive into the iBook but symptoms remain the same.

Put hard drive from iBook in external case and it was recogized and checked out fine on my desktop Quicksliver.

Any comments appreciated!

It would look like the cable running from the board could be bad... but I hate to replace that if it's the motherboard.
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