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Originally Posted by bobtomay View Post
You use a 3rd party utility to move stuff from your computer to your friends phone and amazingly it puts your info on it? How is that Apple's fault? Would suggest you get hold of the developer of that spamware tool you used and ask them.

Meanwhile, she's probably going to need to restore her phone from her computer.
You assume it is spamware? Interesting. Apple iTunes works in one direction only, another restrictive practice that encourages 3rd party developers to compensate for deficient software. I have also purchased music from iTunes that has gone missing and I cannot get it back (had to change my email address so don't know how to get the old stuff).
We are not all experts so don't abuse me for my lack of knowledge; in other fields you will be equally incompetent, no doubt.
Apple might make it more obvious how to transfer files, then no need of other software. How much 3rd party software do YOU use on your Macs, by the way??

She doesn't use a computer any more, just the iPhone

Guess my frustration spilled over; Apple is much better than 'the other vendor' at making PC's for dummies but my level of dummydom may be too much even for Apple

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