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At this point I'm still an Apple newbie, but I am successfully using - 1) an iPad 2) a MacBook Pro and 3) am watching movies ordered from iTunes via my MBP on my Sony Bravia TV. Since I am 66 YO, I am pretty proud of my basically non technical ability to have done all of this in the past year.

OK, enough of that, I would like to now get an Apple TV. And this may seem like a stupid question but I have been unable to research an answer. I am unable to get a successful download of Adobe Flash to my MBP. Both Apple and Adobe have tried to help, no success, so I use Chrome for flash needs. This brings me (finally) to my question - can I get Netflix on Apple TV without having Flash on my MBP. I can't tell if the MBP is involved with my Apple TV use with my Sony TV. If you read thru this rambling question, thank you.

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