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I take it it's this iMac? - iMac G4/1.25 20-Inch "FP" (USB 2.0) Specs (iMac USB 2.0, M9290LL/A, PowerMac6,3, N/A, N/A) @ - in which case you can upgrade as far as Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard).
If you can upgrade, you need to search for a 'retail' disc which will be black with a large X on it - the grey discs are machine specific and would not work on yours.
That upgrade would include a more up to date version of Safari, and also, if you could only afford to go as far as Tiger (Mac OS 10.4) it would enable you to use TenFourFox, a very much up to date Firefox derivative for older Macs (

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