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Originally Posted by wolfpuppies3 View Post
To restate what Pigoo3 already said, It is not possible to overcharge your MB, the computer will not allow that to happen.

My MB Pro remains, for years, plugged in five days per week sitting on my desk at work.
Hi Wolfpuppies3 - just curious if you follow Apple's recommendation, i.e. that once a month, the battery should be completely discharged and then recharged (same recommendation for the iPad - presumably helps to recalibrate proper battery monitoring).

I've had my MBP for nearly 2 weeks (have had 3 previous PC laptops so not new to battery knowledge) but just trying to find a 'happy ground' between leaving the 'magsafe power connector' constantly plug vs. partially discharging the battery (I've basically been doing both & will also perform the complete monthly discharge as I do on my iPad).

So, one last question - if the 'magsafe connector' is left on all of the time (except for an occasional complete discharge/recharge cycle), will the lack of accumulating 'cycles' on the battery prolong its life? Thanks all for your comments - Dave
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