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Wow... old mac. I second iLife '08. I have it running on an older machine running OS 10.5 (Leopard).

Also, you can look for old versions of photoshop for photo editing. Anything before Adobe CS4 should be compatible with macs that predate the intel switch.

My best advice with a G4 running Leopard is DO NOT TRY TO UPDATE FLASH. My mom did that to an old Powerbook G4 we have, and we ended up with a whole bunch of problems. You may have some minor web browsing issues and flash can get choppy on such an old mac with some of the updates some internet websites have gone through.

Overall though, it should be fine for general web use and photos. I used an old G4 mac for 6 years to do audio and video editing and it worked wonderfully, even though it was slow for those purposes.

You just have to be patient with older machines like this and they can be very useful.
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