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First, this is a great Forum. Very responsive with excellent posts. Dtrvs - yes, i am running PT 8 (was) on my blown up 2207. If I decide to order the part and take a chance that it might work I might need to reference that manual.

Nick - thank for taking the time to repy at length. I tried installing Snow Leopard on my iMac that was running Leopard. Used the Apple install disc. It would get halfway through installing and then spit the disc out. Tried off and on for two weeks - it always got hung up about 49 minutes into the install - rejected the disk and restarted by itself. So the deal is that Leopard is Rosetta enabled but Rosettta support stopped at Snow Leopard? I thought it stopped at Lion. good to know. Also did not know you could install a bridge to rosetta in Snow L.
After I figure out whether I am going to buy the part for my iMac or buy a used one that has more processing power I will know how much of what you wrote that I need. I really don't need to sync my iPhone with the mac anyway - I don't listen to music anymore and songs just take up space on the phone so that is really the only thing I needed. Photos will still download with Apple's ImageCapture app.
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