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Hey all, i have a mid 2012 MBP and had it for 8 months now, never really looked into time machine before.

Recently i have got an external HDD and synced it with time machine.

If i was wanting to go back to a couple of days ago, how would i do this? as when i open time machine it shows me different times and days, but doesnt give me the option to click "Restore"

At this moment in time, i dont have any need to restore to a previous day. Im just curious, incase one day i do actually need to and encounter this exact problem.

Also, i think i have backed up my files onto my external hardrive, but on the ext hdd info, it says it has 1TB free, even though the back up is actually there, ON the backup drive.

I'm abit confused so if anyone can shed some light on the situation, it'd be great, thankyou!
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