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Hi all.
I would appreciate your advice.
I run a (white) macbook
[specs: processor: 2.4 GHz Intel core 2 duo. memory: 2GB 1067 MHz DDR3]
The hard drive has a 320G capacity (I had it changed from the original one because the original hard drive "died") out of which about a 220 G only are in use. (Lots of free space).
OSx 10.8.3
The problems I will shortly describe happened also with the computer's original hard drive.

The computer is relatively slow, in most aspects:
Preview is very slow, almost unresponsive.
Firefox/Safari are quite slow, sometimes get unresponsive.
Even the sound and brightness buttons react slow and the animation of the sound and brightness is very slow.
Programs tend to take forever to quit (Sibelius for example).

I have repaired the permissions, verified the disk, after reading in this forum I have downloaded Onyx and "cleaned" the disk with it but to no avail.
I have even reinstalled the system two days ago and had little or no change at all.
I know that these actions are slow because my old mac (4 years older than this one), preforms them in a friction of the time it takes my mac to do them.

Do you have any recommendations for me except being patient when I use my mac?

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