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I have a late 2008 15 inch mac book pro (aluminum uni-body). First off I need to get a new battery, the one I have only last 2 hours at the most. I am in school for post production work, so I do a lot of video and photo editing on final cut and Photoshop. I like using the laptop because I can take it in the field with me as im working on a project be able to do some real time edits as im shooting, however the battery life is main issue, I have 8 gigs of RAM i installed so far, I don't know what I should upgrade next and what would be the smart thing to do, in terms of better hard drive, or graphics card if possible etc. I am a newbie to the upgrading part of a laptop, so any helpful advice I would greatly appreciate, I love my MBP I want to make it the best and fastest it can be to last as long as it can, I cant afford to buy a new one , im on a student budget. Thanks .
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