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I have finally decided to get rid of my windows product!

And want to step up in the world of Mac, but I dont know what Mac Pc to get.

imac, or macbook pro?

I dont mind too much about being portable, I wouldnt really take the macbook to UNI in case it got nicked.

But if it is better perfomce than the imac, then please say.

I need a product for editing., As I am a film student I willl need it for Photoshop, final cut, so i will need it for lots of editing due to filming, so lots of footage and to be able to write a few essays.

I am not a gamer so I dont need anything to satisfy that need.

So I wantg something with enough space, I dont know to much about PC space or whatever, is 8GB enough?

And I would like one that comes with a DVD reader?

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