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Sorry for a which mac should I get thread. I read the Sticky on this, and it didn't help much. I have been looking at a Mac for a while, and after talking to a friend who's a Mac user, I have decided to look at a Power Mac G4. I can't really afford any of the most rescent Macs except for maybe a mac mini, and I don't want that. My budget is around a thousand dollars maybe more, but I want to stay as far under that as possible, without sacrificing major performance. I've been looking at Power Mac G4s on ebay. I was looking at ones that are dual 800mhz and dual 1ghz. Mainly I will use this for web browsing, e-mail, web design, graphics, maybe some video editing. I'm going off to college in 3 years, so I would want this to last until then hopefully. What model would you recommend that can run tiger and other recent software without any problems? BTW I'll get at least 1 gig of ram to put in it, and an ati 9700 pro that I have sitting around.

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