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I am currently have a big issue with Smart Mailboxes in Mail. A Smart Mailbox is supposed to filter email but retain it in your inbox.
I set up a Smart Mailbox to filter mail from my developer. The rule was set in place - mail from came to my Smart Mailbox. This worked... BUT any emails from him disappeared from my inbox.

I soon realized that I couldn't work like this with my Iphone so I deleted my Smart Mailbox altogether.... which then deleted all emails from my developer.

He sent me several emails yesterday which I simply didn't get. On the off-chance to test it, I set up a new Smart Mailbox with the same parameters and the non-delivered emails suddenly appeared within it.

It's like I now cannot get an email from him unless i have the Smart Mailbox set up and that means that I cannot ever get emails from him on my iphone!

Am totally lost with this one - can anyone help me?

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