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Still early days in switcher land for me, all going perfectly well..... apart from iphoto!!!! More accurately my photostream. Was aware of this feature and had used it for a while on my ipad/apple TV, but since transferring all my photos from Picasa (which I liked by the way) to iphoto, my pad memory has been invaded by way too many photos (nearly 10gb!!).

I turned off photostream on all the devices, including the mac and the ATV, and deleted the photos on the device photostreams but on turning stream back on, the ATV has filled again! (from the cloud.I assume). Have looked online and tried to reset the cloud photostream with zero success.

Interestingly, the number of photos that itunes (when syncing the pad) says is on the pad differs from the actual amount I can see on the pad, so something is hiding somewhere.

So, for now it's photostream turned off on everything, a royal pita!!

Oh well, can't expect everything to be perfect.
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