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Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum, and to be honest don't know a lot about computers, just that I need a new one, haha.
I'm using a powermac with the 1.8 single processor, and it's lacking a bit. I can't really watch youtube videos or anything like that, so I've opted to upgrade to a slightly newer, faster mac. I like macs more than PCs. I always had constant problems with PCs freezing, and acting different every time I used them. After buying my first mac (the one I'm on) I don't want to go back to PCs, but I'm on a budget and can't afford a new Mac.

The two macs I'm looking at are imacs and mac pros. Both from the 2006-2009 era. There are a couple of mac pros available for a reasonable price. They have the dual 2.66 processors with twin cores, but have lower bus speed (677) and DDR2 ram etc. The Imacs are 2.4 processors, some with ddr2 some with ddr3 ram, and higher bus speed 800-1.3.

I guess the question is, is an older mac pro (2006) better, or faster than a newer imac (2008-2009)? The mac pro has more processors, but slower ram, and bus speed.
Is there any year or model that should be avoided? Is there any year where there was a major change worth paying extra for? Are the older 2006 white imacs good (there are a couple 24" 2.16 for sale too)?
I do some video editing, but nothing serious, watch youtube videos etc and play the odd game.

Any info would be great. Like I said I don't know a lot about how bus speed, ram speed, and extra processors help the speed of the computer. I know more is better, but don't know which is the most important.
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